Police lob teargas to disperse demonstrations by Matuu Wendano members


Police on Friday lobbed teargas to disperse members of Matuu Wendano Company who held demonstrations calling for the transfer of Matungulu Deputy County Commissioner Evelyn Wekesa.

The demos led by Chairperson James Mwangangi Mwovi led to a slow-down on Tala-Ol-donyo Sabuk causing traffic congestion.

While addressing journalists, they claimed that the DCC through the police was barring them from accessing their land based on a Court Order that they had not served been served with or been shown.

He also claimed that efforts to have the DCC address them had borne no fruits.

“We want to know the DCC’s interest at Matuu Wendano Company yet it is a private entity. Why are we kept from accessing our land and property? We are requesting the Interior Cabinet Secretary Professor Kithure Kindiki to come to our aid because we are suffering, “he asked.

Police lob teargas to disperse members of Matuu Wendano company who were holding demonstrations.

“This is because the DCC is aiding land grabbers and supporting illegal land transactions and as a company we are not spared because we have lost huge chunks of land. She is taking sides with one of the directors who has sold some of our land. She has been issuing consent to the director without following due process,” he added.

Mwovi said that when they visited the farm, they found the office burntd and some of the properties acquired by the company stolen and others sold by the previous leadership.

Cyrus Mutunga, the company’s Chief executive Officer said they will go to the County Commissioner’s office to air their grievances.

Another member questioned why some people were conducting farming and grazing activities in the said land if there is a Court Order barring anyone from the farm.

“They are planting coffee and even grazing goats in the land and someone is allowing it yet we are being told there is a Court Order,” said the member.

The company has over a thousand acres of land that is yet to be divided among the members.

Matuu Wendano members addressing the media.

Matungulu DCC Evelyn Wekesa maintained that there is a Court Order that is in effect and denied claims that there was any farming activity on the land.

She also denied transferring land illegally stating that for every land transferred in Matungulu, due process is followed.

“I am not the one restricting them from entering the land but the court order but the OCS Donyo Sabuk They can go to court or even seek legal counsel to interpret the court order or go to court and confirm if the orders are still effective,” Wekesa said.

“On the matters of land transactions that we conduct is on the annual schedule that runs from January to December. If they have evidence of the month I did the transfers they should show a copy of the consent form because there are usually two copies; one for the client and another for the seller. Only through that can they show what I did wrong,” she added.

By Agnes Orang’o

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