August 17, 2022

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Saccos urged to embrace IT


emBy Tsozungu Kombe

Saccos have been urged to em­brace Information Communica­tion Technology ( ICT ) in a bid to enhance efficiency and deliver ser­vices to members.

Alfred Mlolwa, Quetu Sacco chair­man and KUSCCO Director for Coast and North Eastern said many Saccos had failed to deliver quality services to members due to lack of ICT skills. He made these remarks during the official closing ceremony of Kenya Associa­tion of Front Office Services Authority ( KAFOSA ) meeting at Turtle Bay Ho­tel, Watamu town, Kilifi County.

He pointed out the need of invest­ing in Information Communication Technology ( ICT ), saying this will give Saccos a competitive edge in the market.

“ Good corporate governance and leadership will make Saccos achieve remarkable growth. Saccos should also comply with all the regulatory require­ments in order to be effective and ef­ficient,” said Mlolwa.

He said innovation will make Sac­cos realize their stability and prosper­ity.

“Cooperation will strengthen Sac­cos and we urge those who have not joined KAFOSA to do so,” Mlolwa told participants.

Mlolwa urged more members to join Saccos in order to access loans at affordable rates for their own personal development instead of relying on their incomes.

He said a large portion of house­holds derive their income directly or indirectly from Co-operatives.

Japheth Omare who was the chief guest said that Saccos contribute 45 per cent to 48 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ).

“Saccos play a critical role in al­leviating poverty and need support to deliver quality services to members. I urge members to patronize their prod­ucts while top officials should be hon­est, have integrity and be accountable,” said Omare.

“The success or failure of Saccos will depend on how they are run by the Board of Directors and Management Team”, he explained.

He said that the Cooperative move­ment plays a vital role in the country that of uplifting living standards of citizens ( Kenyans ) and advised them to join Saccos in the country in large numbers and contribute huge deposits monthly hence secure loans to boost their daily activities.

Mr. Omare, however noted that many people in the country have man­aged to accomplish their personal de­velopments through taking loans from Saccos, since their daily wages are not enough..

He advised Sacco officials to pa­tronize KAFOSA to enable it offer quality services in a more effective and efficient manner.

Isedorious Agola, KAFOSA Chair­man, urged Saccos to work hand in hand with the Government. He urged more Saccos to join KAFOSA in large numbers and work as a team.

“ We thank the Government for ap­pointing a PS to head the Co-operative sector who will assist us address prob­lems facing the sector,” said Agola.

The list of organizations which at­tended the KAFOSA meeting included CIC Insurance Group Ltd, East African Tea Trade Association, Metropol, Fin­tech, Surestep solutions and Techno Brain. Among officials who attended include Charles Kaba, Chairman, KA­FOSA, Technical Committee, George Olando, Secretary, KAFOSAbrace