Sirisia residents urged to invest in Saccos

BySacco Review

May 2, 2021

By Malachi Motano

Members of Sirisia Sub County have been urged to invest their money in Co-operative Sacco’s to boost their lives economically.

According to Kikai Rural Sacco Director Mr. Justus Wafula said people are facing tough economic constraints especially during  this Covid-19 period due to lack of investment.

“So many people have been visiting our offices asking for help and they are not even our members, so I’m urging our people to embrace a saving habit as the only way to come out of poverty” said Mr. Wafula.

He was speaking in Namwela during cherry payment where he added that a part from banking services they have also come up with a way of increasing their income by starting farming projects to earn more dividends.

The Director however appealed to the County government of Bungoma through the ministry of Trade to set aside funds in its budget that will be given to Sacco’s at a low interest to boost their businesses.

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