August 17, 2022

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Teachers told to join saccos

Faridi Sacco members following proceedings during Annual General MeetinG at Busia township . Photo Godfrey Wamalwa


By Achola Mathews

Teachers have been urged to embrace the saving culture and join saccos so that they are able to reap big profits from loans and profitable projects.
Knut executive secretary Teso branch Deogratius Owaya called on teachers to start saving and investing in projects that will help them in future.
Owaya said the culture of saving is the only sure way for teachers to succeed.
He was speaking during the annual delegates meeting of Busia Teachers and savings Sacco Faridi held in Busia town
Owaya challenged members to invest with the saccos so that they can be able to grow socio-economically through projects
Such as real estates and transport business.