WhatsApp Group converted to a Sacco to empower members

By Godfrey Wamalwa

Founder members of a Busia WhatsApp Group have created history by converting into a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited aimed at empowering members economically.
Matayos Reality WhatsApp Group has formally been converted to Matayos Reality Sacco with over 30 members becoming members after paying subscription fee of Sh200 and monthly contribution of Sh500.
The Group’s founder Duncan Kubasu said they wanted to deviate from the culture of engaging in politics and other events taking place in the country.
“We want members to have shares in the Sacco which can change their lives since they can earn shares and get loans to venture into businesses they have comparative advantage.
I am appealing to more members to join the Sacco to deviate from the culture of looking for white collar jobs with the County or National Governments,” he said.
Kubasu said the Society will provide members with better services at reasonable prices. It will also provide financial help to its members at concessional rates unlike mainstream banks.
He said members will also benefit from dividends depending on the profits made and a member’s savings.

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