Urithi to construct 5,000 houses for members

BySacco Review

Apr 26, 2018 ,

By James Wakahiu

Urithi Housing Co-operative Limited will construct 5,000 housing units this year for its members.
Urithi Marketing Director Kevin Manjau Muthuri said the initiative will ensure their members get decent and affordable houses and stop living in rental houses.
Muthuri said his society will be complementing the Jubilee’ agenda of providing decent and affordable houses to Kenyans. “This is why we have come up with the 5,000 housing units intiative dubbed; ‘Separation hama kwa lodging ama utahama lodging lini ?” ,said the Marketing Director.
He said they want members to move out of the lodgings or rental houses and move into their own houses. He said at Josten project already 3,000 houses are coming up with the first 100 set to be completed in June. “The houses will be completed before the owner has cleared the balance; he or she will be allowed to enter the house and clear the balance through rent payment,” he said.
Muthuri said that Urithi premier Sacco will provide soft loans to members to buy the houses and pay back within a period of 4 years at a rate of 1 per cent on a reducing balance.
He noted that Urithi has already provided houses and land to many of its members at cost.

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