Virtual AGM with diaspora members

By Malachi Motano

Kimisitu Sacco’s 2021 virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) conducted in Nairobi attracted participation from 28 countries around the globe.

 A member calling all the way from Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa commended the Sacco for its technological advancement.

“I am getting you very well from this end,” Tony from Abidjan—“Yes I am watching you, it is very clear here in Turkana,” David confirmed his presence.

 “I am Patrick Nyakundi member number 005085, I’m getting you well and clear—, “member number 014304, I confirm my virtual presence,” was part of the discussion at the virtual AGM  as  members confirmed their participation.

Others send short messages of congratulations from as far as Australia and the rest of the world, a clear indication that Sacco is indeed a partner to prosperity.

Assistant Commissioner for Cooperatives David Obonyo who presided over the AGM as the Chief guest, said it is very encouraging to witness the use of technology as accost cutting measure.

He was pleased to see members following and making their contribution through phone calls,  short messages, emails, on Facebook and other virtual platforms.

“I was told you have more than 8000 members. Imagine what hosting all of them at one place, in one day would require. You will need to work with a big budget,” said Obonyo.

 When the Chairman asked for proposers and seconders, most responses did not come from the flour but from calls and short messages.

“I heard someone calling all the way from Abidjan and Turkana. Technology help saves time,” he said.

The Sacco has rolled out and fully implemented online services, which has also enhanced its security system, storage and back up to ensure safety of member’s funds.

“We have embraced the use of ICT in our operations and service provision including recruitment of members, opening of accounts, application and processing of loans, loan repayment, deposits and withdrawals and transfer of funds,” said Sacco Chairman Phillip Oyuko.

The system is also used for payment of bills through mobile platforms which has worked towards exemplary growth of the Sacco in the recent past

The chairman praised the Sacco’s CEO Lwanga Mbeche who elaborated on some of the achievements Kimisitu Sacco achieved in the previous financial year.

“The Sacco is committed to remaining our members real partner of prosperity, and as a result, it has registered and operationalize Kimisitu insurance agency, obtained ISO 9001:2015 certifications and introduced Front Office service activities (FOSA),” said the CEO.

It has also accelerated digitization of its processes, completed development of a three year strategic plan and also relocated to its new offices along Valley road.

The office was fully acquired through the Sacco cash reserves without external borrowing, a proof of its ability to provide consistently quality products and services to members.

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