Woman Rep pushes youth to form Saccos


Mar 3, 2017


By Amoto Dennis

A Woman Representative, Shukran Gure (pictured), has urged youths in Garissa County to join Saccos in order to get loans and be involved in meaningful economic activity. Alternatively, she advised the youth to approach the Af­firmative Action Fund for financial assistance instead of sitting idle.

“I urge the youth not to be lured into extremist groups and instead use the Fund or form Saccos in order to better their economic wellbeing,” said Gure. She made the remarks at Garissa Primary School during the Shukran Football Tournament.

Gure stressed the importance of sports as a way of earning a living and urged the youth to invest their time in football as well as register more clubs in the area.

She dismissed the notion among sections of the Muslim community that their faith is against forming Sac­cos, insisting that residents of Garissa have been doing business through middlemen, who end up fleecing them.

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