Capital Sacco introduces loan product for schools

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Mar 10, 2018 , ,

By Kinoti Murithi

Capital Sacco has launched a loan product to assist schools to construct classes, dormitories, administration blocks, halls and laboratories. The loan product can also be used to finance construction and equipping of laboratories, kitchens, toilets and gates. Capital Sacco has tailored its loan product to cater for specific needs of any school.
Capital Sacco also provides loans to enable churches to construct chapels, halls, clerics’ residential houses and offices as well as other facilities used by the church. The Sacco also caters for individual needs of each church
While recently handing over a new school bus to St. Agnes Girls High School principal, teachers, students and the B.O.G, Capital Sacco Deputy CEO Stephen Murithi said this loan product is meant to enable educational institutions implement their projects.
“This product is meant to shorten the time schools and other educational institutions take to accomplish urgent and quickly needed school projects like buying a school bus or construction of laboratories and dormitories among others,” said Murithi.
He said some schools take up to 20 years to buy a school bus so that students end up paying for something that they do not make use of eventually.
“To avoid such scenarios, schools and educational institutions intending to purchase a bus can approach us for a quick loan,” said Murithi.

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