County partners with NGO to foster value addition


By Dennis Bett

The county government of Elgeyo Marakwet has partnered with Non-Governmental Organizations to add value to milk, honey and tomatoes.
Through the partnership, farmers and businesspeople will be mobilized to join cooperative societies.
The county government has started reviving dormant cooperatives by injecting funds to strengthen their operations to benefit famers through value addition.
Deputy Governor Wisley Rotich (pictured) recently held discussions with Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiHEA), an NGO engaged in empowering rural communities in Eastern Africa region.
Framework proposals will be developed to support a raft of social-economic activities including cooperative development, women and youth empowerment, welfare groups, faith based organizations, farmer groups and community based organizations among others.
The projects aim at poverty eradication and achieving gender parity in rural areas in the region.
Governor Alex Tolgos while speaking in a different meeting took note of the continued drop of maize price owing to sale of cheap imported maize into the country.
Tolgos said his administration had ensured farmers were diversifying by growing other profitable crops.

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