County pegs economic growth on Co-operatives


Mar 28, 2017

By Wasike Elvis.

For the past three years, the County Government has been focusing on reviving the once vibrant Cooperatives Saccos as a means of improving livelihoods of its citizens.
According to County’s Trade, Industrialization and Co-operatives Minister, Philip Meli, Co-operative movement has a great potential of driving economic growth, not only at the county level, but also national and international front.
“It is for this reason that the County Government has established an Enterprise Development Fund which has seen over Sh80 million worth of loans given out to Cooperatives at a subsidized rate” he said.
“Our lending rates are at 5 per cent annually which is an incentive to grow the Co-operative societies,” noted Melly at Chepkanga while launching a truck funded by the County Enterprise Fund for Tuiyoluk Dairy Farmers Co-operative Society.
The Trade CeC further said the county is determined to make a future worthy enough to be inherited by future generations through the Cooperative movements.
“Let us focus on a future that can be inherited by our children as the cooperative movement is our ride and the light to that future which we will all live to tell as history of success,” Melly reiteriated.
He however, urged Co-operative officials to be transparent on finances since the success of such institutions depends on how officials manage the funds.

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