Families advised to go for saccos as loans are insured

By James Wakahiu

Urithi Housing Co-operative Society Limited Director of Marketing Kevin Muthuri has asked Kenyans to secure insured loans and invest wisely.
This means during tough times, they will have an insurance cover to take care outstanding loan amount effectively reducing the burden on their families in case of any unfortunate event that occurs.
He asked them to take Urithi Premier Sacco Loans because they are secure and once the borrower dies, those left behind are saved from the financial trauma of paying off the loans.
“Don’t be afraid of seeking loan and investing for their future and that of their children,” he said.
Muthuri said the deceased children, wife and family are left wondering how they will pay “bad” loan and debts left behind by the deceased.
“You will have seen during burials keep on crying because they know they have to pay back what the deceased borrowed and never benefited the family.
In case of such death, we ensure the bereaved family is left at peace even after the borrower has passed on. This is why we insist no member of our mega society should die before taking a loan because of risks involved,” added the managing director.

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