Garissa youths urged to join Saccos to get loans


Feb 9, 2017

By Our Reporter
Garissa Woman
Shukran Gure
(pictured) has urged the
youth in the county to
apply for loans to enable
them start small businesses
instead of staying
idle. She advised the
youth to apply for loans
from Savings and Credit
Co-operative Societies
(Saccos) or through the
National Government
Affirmative Action
Fund (NGAAF).
‘’The AAF is an appropriate
fishpond unemployed
youth could
fish from to earn a gainful
living,’’ she said. Ms
Gure cautioned the youth
against seeking white
collar jobs which are
few and far apart in comparison
with Kenya’s 40
million-plus population.
She called on the youth
to form or join existing
Saccos and groups to access
Speaking at Garissa
Primary School during
the finals of Shukran
Football Tournament
(SFT), the legislator
said unemployed youth
are easy targets for Al
Shabaab recruiters. She
described AAF as a sure
ladder the youth could
climb and lead themselves
into a state of selfsufficiency.
‘’ I advise the youth
not to be lured into extremist
groups because
it will be counterproductive
to the community,”
Gure added.
Stressing the importance
of sports especially
soccer, Gure said it was a
money maker, giving the
example of Victor Wanyama
who plays professional
soccer for English
Premier League club,
Tottenham Hotspurs
who has struck it rich.
The Garissa Woman
Rep said it was improper
for the young minds to
sit idle talking about the
weather. She said it was
a disconnect when some
residents dismiss Saccos
as having illicit interest
but go along to do business
through ‘dalaal’ or
middlemen who end up
fleecing them.

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