August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Governor: Open Co-op College in the County


By Wasike Elvis.

Governor Jackson Mandago has urged the National government to open a Co-operative College in the county. He said that this will offer training on how to manage Savings and Credit Societies (Saccos).
“Despite us reviving over 100 Co-operatives and giving them loans, some of the officials lack managerial skills leading to them collapsing,” he said while speaking to Sacco Review in Eldoret recently.
He added: “Many Sacco’s have collapsed due to poor management but with the college, such cases will be a thing of the past.” He said it’s sad that Kenya has only one Co-operative College which is situated in Nairobi.
“I am calling on the Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization to open such colleges across the 47 counties. These will help loan beneficiaries to know how to use the funds and the projects they can undertake, “said Mandago.
He called on residents in the region to join Saccos for them to benefit from County funds given to Co-operatives.
“We have given out almost Sh1 billion to Co-operatives since we took over through County Enterprise Development fund and in the next five years we will have Sh2.5 billion revolving fund,” said Mandago. He added that the funds will only be distributed to groups and not individuals.