How teacher used Sacco loan to venture into lucrative onion farming

Martin Kororia, a teacher and great beneficiary of onion and livestock farming.

By Martin Ruto

Martin Kororia is not only a passionate teacher, but he also loves farming. He is currently doing well in onion farming, which he is now considering expanding. 

He attributes his success to Trans National Times Sacco. It all started with a loan he got from the Sacco that he used to buy two acres of land at Cheptais area in Bungoma County.

“I constructed a house and immediately started growing maize. After three years I discovered that maize growing was being practiced by almost everybody in the community. This was specifically for subsistence and the surplus was for cash,” he says.

The teacher realized that he was not getting much from the sales of maize. This was his turning point.

“I took my second loan from the Trans National Times Sacco and bought two more acres of land and decided to grow onions,” he says.

With technical guidance from the local extension field agricultural officers he started his new venture and realized that onions take only three months to be ready for harvest and fetched good money at the market.

After the first year of growing the crop, Kororia realized the profit was good. He again planted the crop for the second year as he saw the demand was higher. When the harvest was ready Kororia received ready buyers who came up to his farm. He kept on saving some good amount of money from the sales of onions and improving his farm.

Currently, he receives buyers from Chwele, Kitale, Bungoma, Nandi, Uasin Ngishu,Vihiga, Kakamega and Kisumu. The teacher is also proud that his onions find its way to bigger markets like Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombasa.

“I have been able to construct a descent house for my family, educated my  three children up to the university, started rearing of dairy cattle and poultry from the profits received from growing of onions,” Kororia says.

He thanks the good management of Trans National Times Sacco for processing his loans in time whenever he applies.

He advises individuals to take loan wisely for the purpose of social and economic development.

“I am a true beneficiary of the three loans I have so far taken from the Trans National Times Sacco,” says Kororia.

He urges teachers to be self-reliant and to use loans well. “If you save and spend wisely you will enjoy with your family, your present and future life will be better.”

He was born in 1984 at Cheptais in Bungoma County. He started his early education at Kibuk Primary School before proceeding to Kamusinde Secondary School.

In 2006, he joined Nyanchwa Teachers Training College and trained as a P1 teacher. After successfully finishing his college he was posted to North Eastern Province and taught at Shatoley, Garse and Kalicha primary schools.

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