Joinas Sacco recruits members in Meru town


Jun 26, 2017

By Kiptanui Rutto.

Joinas Sacco has opened doors for the residents of Meru town and its environs.
The Sacco that draws its membership from all professionals, business entities and other local residents, has recruited more than 1,000 members in its two years of existence.
Speaking to Sacco Review in his office in Meru town, the Sacco Manager, Alex Muthuri (pictured) said the Sacco is not for specific members, but it is there to serve everybody.
“It started with only 23 members from different professions and I am happy we have picked up well. Our products suits many customers and our members of the board are professionals from different professions,” Muthuri said.
The manager said the name ‘Joinas’ was derived from two words- Join Us. He urged more residents including youths to join them in creating wealth. He said by joining the Sacco, they can make a difference in their financial status.
“One of our members, a young lady who used to work as an M-Pesa attendant in town joined the Sacco and borrowed a loan of Sh70,000 and managed to open her own M-Pesa shop. After repaying the loan, She took another Sh300,000 and invested in a mobile phone shop. Currently, the lady has taken another Sh300,000 loan and has open outlets in both Meru and Nkubu towns, ”he said.

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