Entrepreneurs Sacco gets more members


Feb 17, 2017


By Titus Wafula
Kakamega Entrepreneurs
Sacco (KES) Limited’s
membership has grown
steadily to more than 400 entrepreneurs
with businesses since it
started in 2002.
Having been established with
the sole aim of assisting smallscale
businesses, the Sacco has
over the years expanded to incorporate
a larger segment of workers
from various organizations.
And with a total share capital
of over Sh6 million, the
organization has also invested
in securities and shares, where
members are provided with
loans and trained on best practices
of using secured loans.
“In spite of having a strong
financial base, we do not involve
ourselves in BOSA or
FOSA owing to the stringent
conditions the Sacco regulatory
body SASRA has put in
place,” an official told Sacco
The official said membership
is attractive to those
wishing to join the Sacco, noting
that requirements include
payment of Sh1,250 and be in
a position to pay Sh1,000 per

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