Kimiti Sacco members protest against committee, officials say they were hired

By Our Reporter

Police were forced to intervene and stop a meeting called by the Kimiti Housing Cooperative Society in Matungulu sub county of Machakos county.

This is after some of the Sacco members began demonstrating against the society committee.

They told Sacco review that they have no trust with the committee and needed elections. They suspected the committee was not ready for the elections.

“A few of the members have met with the committee but we won’t join them because that is not where we normally meet. We want the commissioner of cooperative to address us because we were supposed to have elections today before the deadline which is on 20th,” said one of the members.

They claimed the committee had overstayed in leadership and needed changing.

The chairman Gerald Kiswii denies that those protesting were genuine members of the society.

He noted that they were locals who had been incited by a few members of the society and that is why they could not be allowed to the meeting.

“We have 204 members of the society and we had met with an exception of a few uncouth characters who went and incited people to come and cause chaos,” said the chairman.

“Now the security agents thought there were fracas and had to stop the meeting yet we were in the middle of discussing important issues like the progressive report on the title deeds,” he added.

He denied claims that the committee has not been listening to the grievances presented by the members.

They also rubbished claims that they had sold some of the parcels of land owned by society without involving the members.

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