Nyanza youth urged to boost finances via Saccos


By Opiyo David

Youths in Nyanza region have been asked to embrace savings and credit co-operative societies (Saccos) to uplift their economic status.
Kisumu Airport Taxi Operators Sacco Chairman George Obunde said the societies will not only help the youth realize their development potential but also assist them in improving education levels.
Obunde who was speaking to Sacco Review said it was high time youths restrained themselves from frequent politicking and thought of pursuing their development goals through Saccos.
He noted that in Nyanza people have not taken Saccos seriously resulting in the bad attitude youth have towards the societies.
He said while neighbouring communities have recorded marked growth in Saccos, Luo Nyanza still lags behind despite the fact that it is among the pioneers of the societies.
“I call upon youths to come out and join Saccos, be it Boda Boda or any other Sacco because there is no development that one can have without savings,” said Obunde.
He disclosed that most of his members already have massive developments and are still looking forward to recruiting more members all over the County so that the living standard of the people could be improved.
He, however, added that they still have no plans to rebrand, saying what they are after is work and achieving their goals.
He said their motto is “Together We Stand,” thus youths must just be together so that they can go far with their Sacco.
Obunde said youths are the leaders of today and they should not be misled by the old belief that they are leaders of tomorrow.
Mr. Richard Ogutu, a Sacco member who has seen the fruits of joining a Sacco also challenged the youth to join the Saccos as they offers the best option for them to develop economically.
He advised youths to apply for loans without any fear because Sacco’s have the cheapest interest rates.
Ogutu said that the best way to grow is through borrowing and they should also be flexible in paying it back.

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