Rose Chepngetich,leading female in SACCO boardrooms


By Jackson Okoth

At the helm of Kimbilio Daima Sacco Society Limited as Chief Executive for more than 18 years, Rose Chepngetich remains an inspiration to many women aspiring to occupy executive positions and make a difference in the corporate world.

Rose represents a class of women joining the boardroom and executive positions of many Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) and adding momentum to a growing trend where more and more Saccos have multiple women on their boards and executive suites.

Quick at learning from past mistakes and building on successes already made, Rose has been able to use her talent and managerial skills to expand business and growth opportunities for Kimbilio Daima Sacco, situated in Konoin, Bomet County.

 “We have come a long way to reach where we are today. It has taken alot of work and effort from selfless pioneers who laid down a clear vision for this society,” said Rose.

She said Kimbilio Daima Sacco has set its sights of becoming the best managed and most efficient rural Sacco in Kenya with a huge members’ share capital and deposits and impacting heavily on livelihoods of its members.

Rose joined Kimbilio Daima Sacco in 1999, six years after the society was established. This was also the time Kimbilio Daima had secured a license to run Front Office Service Activity (FOSA), a quasi-banking operation.

“I was first employed as a cashier at Kimbilio Daima. This was a big opportunity for me to realize my childhood dream of one day working in a large financial institution,” said Rose.

Young, energetic and ambitious, Rose was keen on learning the ropes, gathering experience and climbing the corporate ladder.

 Just a year after joining the Society as a cashier, Rose soon rose through the ranks and was appointed a manager.

When Sacco Review paid a visit to the Society’s Head Offices at Kimulot Shopping Centre, there was a beehive of activity at its banking hall.

 An orderly and efficient delivery of services to members of the society was evident as members streamed in and left the society offices, signs of satisfaction written all over their faces.

The impact of Kimbilio Daima Sacco continues to be felt within the surrounding community and those located in far off places within Bomet County and beyond.

“When I was promoted to manager, this was pleasant moment for me. I took it upon myself to lift up the Sacco and ensure it changes the lives of members. I always feel glad when I see what the Sacco has done to improve the lives of members,” said Rose.

While Rose had her doubts about the future of Kimbilio Daima, She was determined as manager to succeed and make everything she did count.

“ Although i was young then, I was determined to make it and knew that with the right frame of mind, attitude and energy, there was no stopping in the quest to make things better for Kimbilio Daima,” said Mrs  Rose.

She attributes the achievements, successes and direction taken by the Society to support from the Board of Directors, management staff and members.

On the list of milestones for the Society, under her watch, is shifting the Sacco from a small rented office to the present ultra-modern complex.

In 2018, Kimbilio Daima Sacco maintained financial strength as membership rose from 15,129 in 2017 to 16,655 in 2018. Financial reports for the society indicate the share capital rose from Sh 14,064,690 in 2017 to Sh 15,185,904 in 2018.

 Under her stewardship, Kimbilio Daima Sacco has posted an increase in member’s deposits to Ksh 184,658,197 while Surplus reached Sh 33,995,894 at the end of last year.

She says although the Society has been faced with numerous challenges, brought about mainly by a rapidly changing business environment, the Society has managed to stay on course and keep its head above the waters.

Although the Society has one branch and three small outlets, Rose says plans are underway to recruit more members especially within the farming and business communities as well as salaried workers. “We plan to recruit more members, boost savings and introduce new technology that will improve our service delivery,” said Rose.

She added that the Society is also targeting to recruit the youth by introducing new products and technology that excites and meets their needs.

Mrs  Rose has no regrets being at the helm of Kimbilio Daima, saying she has travelled all over the world and has acquired leadership skills that she is now passing on to the next generation of leaders.

“While I have come across challenges, it is the focus and sense of purpose that has enabled me to steer this Sacco,  

Rose is not only successful in her management work at Kimbilio Daima but is also a family person.

 “The family has not stopped me from being a mother and wife,” says Rose who is married with four children.

Born in Kipkelion, Kericho County, Rose grew up a quiet and focused girl, who was also a performer in class.

 At Lilioch Primary School, Rose was described as shy and disinterested in sports.  But this demeanor was to change years later when she joined Sosiot Girls secondary School and was appointed a school prefect.

“My life in high school was different from that at primary. It was in high school that I changed from being a shy person to sharpening by leadership skills as a school prefect while also working hard to improve my performance in books,” said Rose.

While at Kenyatta University, Rose undertook a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and mathematics. At this point, she had transformed from the quite person to an extrovert, ready to express her thoughts. She also holds a Masters Degree in Strategic Management from Kabianga University.

Previously a teacher by profession, Rose attributes her success at Kimbilio Daima to discipline, hard work and being able to take decisions.

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