Saccos urged to adopt ICT to remain relevant


Feb 9, 2017

By Collins Akong’o
Savings and Credit
Co-operative Societies
in the county have been
urged to embrace Information,
and Technology
(ICT) to operate effectively
and enhance efficient
service delivery to
their members.
Speaking to Sacco
Review the District
Co-operative Officer,
Nickson Mwadime,
said many Saccos in
the county have not embraced
ICT and are instead
still using the old
operating systems thus
delaying service delivery
to members.
He noted that by
embracing electronic
transaction systems, the
sector would achieve
one of its cardinal goals
of increasing access to
financial services for
members living in the
hard-to-reach areas.
Mr Mwadime further
urged members to attend
their Co-operative Education
Days regularly to
keep abreast with what
is happening in their respective
He asked members
to patronize their societies
so as to strengthen
them and also called on
women groups to form
Saccos to enable them
access loans and improve
their living standards.

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