August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Saccos urged to develop strong check-off systems


By Richard Shichangi

The County Co-operatives Officer, Samwel Khatenya, has asked Saccos in the region to develop strong check off systems when giving out loans to members. This is to reduce incidences of members defaulting on their repayments.

Saccos, he pointed out, will also improve their cash flow through an elaborate loan recovery system. “Although we have revived a number of once dormant co-operatives, only 114 Societies out of the 200 registered Co-operatives are active.

We need to reactivate these Societies so that we can deal with poverty in the region,” said Khatenya. He noted that it is only through use of the co-operative model that the County could harness its resources and improve the living standards of local communities.

“I urge those Saccos in the agricultural sector as well as those in the fishing industry to invest more resources in value addition and marketing so as to improve incomes of your members,” said Khatenya. He added that increasing their shares in a Sacco increases one’s borrowing power.