August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Students benefit from Sh16m Sacco funds


By Dennis Bett

Prime Time Sacco (PTS), formerly Keiyo Teachers Sacco (KTS), disbursed loans totaling Sh16 million to college, high school and university students in January this year, Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Cheruiyot (pictured) has said.

He said the funds will uplift standards of education of students in the area.Cheruiyot who was speaking to Sacco Review in his office recently encouraged those who have not joined the society to do so as to improve education standards of their children through loans which are given in time. “We don’t want our children to lack school fees and I thank the County government for partnering with us in educating the children,” he added.

He said the Sacco plans to hold educational days and meetings to empower teachers, parents and the entire county and educate them to understand the objectives and goals to be achieved once one joins a Sacco. Cheruiyot told members that the society has gradually seen a steady rise of school fees loan disbursement whereby they recorded Sh84.4 million in 2016, saying the demand of education in the county is on the rise.