‘Worker Cooperatives’ key to actualization of the Hustlers Agenda

The Kazi Mtaani Programme was launched in April 2020 to cushion the unemployed youth from the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic across the 1450 wards in the country. Those recruited into the programme mainly engaged in menial jobs in urban areas.  Though the programme was at times characterized by intermittent delays in payments, it…

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Why effective communication to  Sacco members is important

One of the most important things a Sacco should do to succeed is to focus on elaborate flow of information. Sacco leaders should ask themselves the extent to which members have access to necessary information about their Sacco. It is important for members to know everything about their Sacco right from their savings, loans eligibility,…

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The transformative impact of Saccos on community welfare

Saccos have emerged as a vital force in Kenya, making a significant positive impact on communities. With their roots in the cooperative movement, Saccos have evolved into inclusive financial institutions that cater for diverse sectors, including agriculture and technology. Beyond financial services, Saccos also contribute to women empowerment and sustainable development. In a country where…

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