Trans-National Times Sacco picks new officials


Aug 4, 2017

By Our Repoter.

Trans-National Times Sacco (TNT) has elected new officials after the serving ones on a rotational basis retired.
The long-serving chair, Christopher Nyongesa retired and handed the mantle to his Treasurer, Robert Omari. Nyongesa has been serving as the Sacco chairman since 2008.
Speaking during the Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM) recently, Nyongesa exuded confidence as he welcome Omari, having mentored him as he served as treasurer.
He said the position calls for patience and honesty. Nyongesa explained that one should be ready to give more time to Sacco affairs to strengthen the society.
“Three quarters of your mind must be concentrated on the Sacco. One must be close to the customer and have control over the staff to manage the affairs of the Sacco without causing conflict ,” he noted

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