We have made great strides, says Qwetu Sacco CEO


Feb 13, 2017

By Our Reporter
A famous Chinese quote
states that a journey of
thousand miles starts
with one step. This is indeed true
for Qwetu Sacco which began
its journey in the Co-operative
movement 39 years ago. The
society has its headquarters in
Wundanyi Sub-County.
The society began as Taita
Taveta Teachers Sacco in 1976,
an initiative that was guided by a
group of teachers who came together
to create a spirit of saving
and later on advanced to micro
loans to members. At that time,
the Cooperative sector in Kenya
was experiencing substantial
growth under Government control
through the Ministry of Cooperative
Speaking to Sacco Review
in the office, Sacco CEO Mr.
Charles Kaba said that when he
was appointed in 2013 October
Qwetu Sacco has recorded tremendous
growth in terms of service
delivery to their members
and also invested in various activities
like front office (FOSA)
and mobile banking service.
The Sacco Chairman, Alfred
Mlolwa said from May to October
newly opened accounts had
collectively increased Sacco deposit
by Sh20 million.

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