Boresha unveils personalized cheques


Feb 13, 2017

By Munene Maina
Baringo’s top Sacco
Boresha has embarked
on a marketing exercise
to popularize personalized
cheque book system to its
members and customers.
According to Sacco’s
Marketing Manager, Philemon
Chebii, the new product
will benefit schools, individual
business people, joint account
holders, corperates, community
based organizations among
Chebii cited competition in
the financial sector as the reason
why the Sacco partnered
with Co-operative Bank to operate
the system. He said the
Sacco members will now be
able to make payment through
cheques as banks. “The personalized
book system is a boon
to Saccos. Besides enabling
members’ access their money
more conveniently it will also
attract more people join Saccos,”
he said. The manager said
hitherto many people especially
business people were reluctant
to join Saccos and with the
cheque book system they can
now join.
He emphasized that the
Sacco was committed to empowering
community with
financial stability, hence, it has
always kept abreast with new
changes in the sector.
Chebii said Boresha Sacco
through the guidance of Cooperative
Bank had trained staff
on how to operate the system
and upgraded software.
He said all measures were
in place to overcome all challenges
that may arise. “We have
done thorough in–house trainings
and other preparations, we
are certain the system will serve
our members and customers
Boresha Sacco has established
itself as a reliable
financial institution in Baringo
County and beyond. This
is owing to its exemplary
service delivery, creativity
and innovation of services
that suit member’s needs.
Chebii who was speaking
to Sacco Review said the
Sacco has greatly upped its
techonolgy to serve members
more competently and
enable them access their accounts
with efficiency.
It has networked with
other banks and partners to
diversify its services. Boresha
Sacco members are able
to do banking on their mobile

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