How Universal Traders Sacco boosted couple’s printing business

Michael Ochieng and his partner Esther Omcheni have co-owned Afritech, a print media investment since 1997 but the fortunes improved after the joined Universal Traders Sacco (UTS).

They shared with this writer the sweet journey they have walked with UTS since they became members.

 “I came to know of the Sacco through one of its directors Peter Nzagi after I became inquisitive because every time I passed Mlolongo I could see colours that looked like Cooperative Bank and kept wondering if it was their branch,” says Ochieng.

One morning, he went there to market photocopiers, thinking it was Cooperative bank that he met Peter and that is how their company’s relationship with the Sacco began.

“We joined the Sacco at the beginning of 2019 and have benefited a lot in terms of securing loans and overdraft facility,” he says.

At one time, Ochieng and the his wife wanted some money to pay entry duty for some import good after they went short of Ksh1 million.

“We went to our branch in Mlolongo and on the same day, they released the money to us. We are proud that UTS stood firmly with us. The Sacco processes loans within a very short time,” he said.

His wife added that the company has taken two development loans worth Ksh28 million and recently took education loans for their two sons who were going to study in the United Kingdom. 

She says all of their 15 staff members have joined the Sacco and because of the sound financial position, they also now get their salaries early by 24th or 25th “as if they are working banks”.

“I just give out a pay roll, and they pay salaries to my staff. They even advance salaries to my staff. When other companies were reducing staff during the pandemic, we maintained ours,” she said.

The MD said the Sacco is flexible and it listens to customers and acts promptly on customer’s needs.

“You don’t need to go to the headquarters in Machakos when Mlolongo is here. Whatever we need from Machakos we can get in Mlolongo.  So it for us to make Mlolongo grow and expand. We cannot quit UTS since it has always been there for us in times of laughter and in times of difficulties,” she concludes. 

By Our Reporter

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