Imarika Foundation, Mephi Hospital hold free eye medical camp

By George Otieno

Imarika Foundation, in partnership with Mephi Hospital, recently held a free eye medical camp at Matsangoni area in Kilifi County to provide eye health services to area residents.

Community members were first taken through health talks on various issues before proceeding to see several medical teams present to serve them.

The services offered include  free blood pressure checkups and medication to those with high blood pressure, free random blood sugar tests, free eye checkups and free glasses and eye-drops to those with ocular problems.

Imarika Foundation CEO Mr Peter Angore said the partnership is a way of executing the health pillar of their foundation.

Imarika Foundation CEO Peter Ang’ore being attended to during the event

He added that the foundation’s many programmes help them offer free services to vulnerable people and in doing so, restore dignity in families and the society at large.

“We chose Matsangoni area because of the large population that resides here and because it is strategically located between Kilifi and Malindi towns,” he added.

He emphasized that many people, especially the older citizens, require eye medical attention as witnessed by the huge attendance of 300 people.

Doctor attends to a patient at the Imarika Foundation’s medical camp

Madam Ritta Mukhongo, an administrator at Mephi Hospital, hinted that most visual problems  are caused by hypertension and diabetes and that the camp has set up many clinical departments  to specifically look into all the issues  that cause eye complications.

“After a patient has been thoroughly examined are the problem identified, those with visual impairments are given free reading glasses whereas those with cataracts and who need special attention are booked for a free surgery session at the hospital,” she said.

She reiterated that the partnership with Imarika Foundation is meant to treat, enlighten and educate the people of Matsangoni that it’s possible to have good eye sight even as they age.

Kaingu Charo Kombe, 83, expressed optimism that his eye problem that had lasted over ten years would be looked into and a lasting medical solution provided.

A doctor attends to a patient at the Imarika Foundation’s medical camp

Virginia Njeri, 17 years old, said her eyes hurt whenever they are exposed to excess light and that she heeded to the call for a checkup after hearing the sensitization and marketing campaigns.

She expressed her desire to have her eyes checked and the possibility of her getting appropriate glasses.

Mrs Nyevu Andrea, a 70 year old partially blind woman, explained that her eye complications begun about three years ago after she experienced problems with her blood pressure.

Imarika Foundation has over the past few years held many medical camps in a bid to give back to the society through its Health Pillar and reach out to as many vulnerable people in the community as possible.

The Foundation has previously pitched free medical camps in Kaloleni, Bamba, Malindi, Magarini and Kwale County and has plans to hold more in the near future.

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