August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Kiambu County to draft ‘friendly’ Sacco laws


By Ndichu Kamau

The Kiambu County Government is keen to draft laws that will ensure Savings and Credit Co-operatives respond to the economic needs of local residents.
This disclosure was made recently by Gerald Githinji, Kiambu County Deputy Governor who is also the County Co-operative Minister.
He said that plans are underway to make laws that will enhance growth of Saccos in the area and make them responsive to market trends.
“Kiambu County is home to numerous vibrant societies that have enriched the lives of many,” said Abigael Taabu.
Elijah Wachira, an officer with CIC Group, noted that the Cooperative movement has impacted over 70 per cent of Kenyans positively. This is besides Saccos playing a key economic role in meeting Vision 2030 objectives.
“Co-operatives play an important role of addressing challenges of low productivity, inappropriate land use, poor marketing systems, limited access to credit by farmers and low value addition to agricultural commodities and other services,” said Wachira.
He added that policies and strategies have been put in place to improve market access, efficiency and promote viable investments by Saccos. “We expect Saccos to have an increase in membership, mobilize more deposits and create job opportunities,” said Wachira.
He noted that the youth are an important target group for Cooperatives while ensuring that both men and women have access to financial and economic opportunities.