Nyeri matatu Saccos complain over unfair competition


By Joseph Mukubwa

Nyeri matatu Saccos have complained over unfair competition from rivals. This has led to a situation where these matatu operators are losing out on their daily earnings as fares fall even with an increase in the cost of fuel.
“It is now survival for the fittest for us while commuters are celebrating the low fares,” said, Nyena Sacco Chairman Peter Theuri .
Speaking in Karatina recently, Theuri called for fair competition and a level playing field for all. He lauded the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) for its regular crackdown on unroadworthy Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) but pleaded for it not to punish a whole Sacco when only one of its vehicles is involved in an accident.
“The Authority should not resort to punishing a whole Sacco but should deal with specific cases,” said Theuri.
Karatina Matatu Owners Association Chairman, Ephraim Karimi added his voice to concerns by PSVs operators in Nyeri and urged the Government to ensure that Probox vehicles owners are punished for flouting traffic rules to bring order to the public transport sector.

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