KITE officially rebrands to Keystone Sacco, eyes new markets

By Fredrick Odiero

Keystone DT Sacco formerly KITE Sacco has officially launched its new name setting the stage for major expansion.

Sacco Board Chairman, Esau Ogada said the rebranding was geared towards expansion and improving the financial base of the institution.

He described the rebranding which was established in 1977 as a major milestone towards its growth.

Speaking during the launch of the new brand in Kisumu city recently, Ogada said the membership of the Sacco had grown from 7,814 members in the year 2020 to over 8,000 members currently.

According to the Sacco boss, the organization which has an asset base 1,145,363,898, expects to enlist more members in the next two years.

While revealing that they offer several front office services meant to cater for all cadre of clientele, Ogada said that people from the private sector and micro business people had started joining the society.

Ogada added that they are set to recruit players in the informal the informal sector apart from the traditional members who who pay using the check-off system.

Present during the event were Kisumu County Committee Member in charge of Finance and Economic Planning, George Okong’o, Chief Officer in charge of Energy, Joseph Oganga, KUSCCO Regional Manager, Robert Owino and Philip Akaka, Co-operative Officer, Kisumu Central among others.

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