August 17, 2022

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The Leading Newspaper for Co-operative Movement in Kenya

Low production hurts County dairy Co-operatives


By Erick Nyayiera

Dairy farmers in Siaya County are currently recording low milk production as a result of the drought which has affected the region from mid last year.

Sam-Malanga Dairy Cooperative Society Manager, Japheth Ayoo said milk supply has drastically reduced thus affecting profitability.

He states that as opposed to the previous period when they used to receive at least 2,000 litres of milk per day, their members currently produce between 500 to 800 liters.

“The returns have been affected by the prolonged drought, we were receiving over 2000 litres of milk daily from local farmers but today, the records are worrying because we even receive as low as 500 litres daily,” Ayoo said.

Ayoo told Sacco Review that the society usually makes a daily profit of up to Sh14,000 during the rainy season. He said they currently lose up to Sh5,000 per day due to the low milk


The manager who was speaking at their offices in Siaya town said to cope with the high demand from customers,

the Sacco is forced to import milk from Rift Valley.

Also affected is Lakeland Dairy Sacco in Bondo town that serves the larger Bondo and Rarieda Sub- Counties