County registers 50 Co-op societies in two years


Mar 14, 2017

By Tsozungu Kombe

Fifty new Cooperative societies have been registered in Kilifi County in the last two years. Kilifi County Trade, Industrialization and Co-operatives Development Ministry Chief Officer, Ms. Patience Tsimba Umazi, said this was an indication the Cooperative movement was active despite challenges it faced. Seven societies that had collapsed had been revived, she said.

They include, Magarini Sand Harvesting Cooperative, Bamba Dairy, Rabai Farmers, Kayafungo Farmers Cooperative, Kaloleni Artisan Cooperative, Mariakani Jua Kali Artisan and Magarini Rural Sacco.

Ms. Umazi noted that the revival process of Magarini Farmers Cooperative, Manyeso Dairy, Zowerani Diary and Mariakani Diary had started while 1,145 Boda boda riders had been sensitized to form Saccos.

Three Artisan Cooperatives had been registered and 80 members of women and youth Saccos and 48 Dairy Cooperatives committee members trained on prudent financial management, she added.

A workshop for 40 delegates of Kilifi Cooperative Union had been conducted and restructuring of new Boards had also been done to build on their capacities, she noted adding that a mediation seminar for the Department’s staff and Cooperative societies managers has also been conducted where 35 managers were trained on the principles of proper Corporate Governance policies.

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