41,000 people join Saccos in Kajiado County


Mar 3, 2017

By Isaac Lenkou

The Kajiado County Govern­ment has disclosed that over 41,000 people have joined Co-operatives in the last three years. The Societies transaction to­tal business worth Sh 470 million.

“I commend efforts under­taken by Co-operatives to improve the livelihood of people in Kajiado County,” said Paul Ntiati, Deputy Governor, Kajiado County during the 94th Ushirika Day celebra­tions.

According to the Minister for Trade and Industry, Kajiado Coun­ty, Florence Mutual, significant improvements have been recorded in the Co-operatives sector includ­ing growth of Saccos in each of the Sub-Counties over the last three years.

“We will be working together with the National Government so as to reach more Co-operatives within the County,” said Mutual.

Figures indicate that Kajiado South has a total of 51 Saccos, an increase from 38 Saccos in 2013, an increase of 25 per cent while volume transacted by these Saccos has increased from Sh 11 million to Sh 15 million over the same period under consideration.

Kajiado East now has a total of 143 Saccos from 62 Saccos in 2013, a 57 per cent increase. Vol­ume of transactions in this Sub County is attributed to activities by co-operatives which has increased to Sh 59 Million from Sh 23 mil­lion.

Kajiado West Sub County has 46 Saccos up from the previous 35 three years ago while volume of transactions has increased to Sh 130 million from Sh 42 million over this period.

Kajiado North has 60 Saccos up from 40 while Kajiado Central has recorded the slowest growth from 66 Saccos to 88 Saccos over the past three years.

In Kajiado North Sub County where most of the Saccos are for Transport industry, there is a total of 60 Saccos from 40 Saccos be­fore devolution an increase of 33 per cent. The turnout of the sub county is 195 million shillings from the previous Sh 99 million.

“The County Government will provide auditors to assist Saccos become transparent and account­able to their members,” said Ntiati.

He challenges residents of Kajiado County to invest their in­comes in Saccos as a way of eradi­cating poverty as well as increasing employment opportunities for the youth.

“I urge farmers from Kajiado South to join Co-operatives so as to engage in value addition on such farm produce as tomatoes, onions and maize so as to obtain better prices,” said Ntiati.

Gedion Ketente, the Kajiado County Chief Officer for Trade and Industry challenged the youth to form Co-operatives as a way of tackling the problem of unemploy­ment.

The list of Co-operatives that participated in this year’s Ushirika Day in Kajiado County, held in Oloitoktok, included Ngong Butch­ers Cooperative Society, Naekana Sacco Limited, Magadi Multi-pur­pose Society Limited, Serian Sacco Limited, Likisonko Rural Sacco Limited, Narropil Women Soci­ety Sacco and Kilimanjaro Hous­ing Co-operative Society Limited among others.

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