7,000 farmers in Homa Bay get sunflower seeds to boost yields

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga with one of the sunflower farmers.

Homa Bay County administration is promoting sunflower farming through distribution certified sunflower seeds to registered farmers.

In partnership with Agricultural Food Authority (AFA), the county aims to have the seeds planted on more than 7,000 acres across the eight constituencies.

This programme will see a total of 27,250 kg of seeds distributed to over 7,000 farmers across the county in an effort to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainable economic growth.

Area Governor Gladys Wanga, her Deputy Oyugi Magwanga, and South Kasipul MCA Zakayo Ong’ondo flagged off the distribution of the seeds at Rawinji chief’s camp in Kasipul Constituency.

Governor Gladys Wanga distributes sunflower seeds to farmers.

Governor Wanga said the project will enable the farmers to realise better returns and create employment.


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She said, “For the few years I have been in this office, I have discovered that the best way to create jobs for our citizens is through agriculture. We are promoting sunflower production to put money in the hands of our people.”

The governor added that the sunflower farmers will sell edible oil in the local market if they harvest desirable quantities.

Farmers during the distribution of the seeds.

Also, she said that the county will support the farmers with services including cultivating their land, extension services and supervision during propagation. And the farmers will be supported with processing machines to produce cooking oil.

“We are going to support the farmers to ensure they grow the sunflower satisfactorily. Ultimately, we will support them with machines to enable them to produce their cooking oil for sale in our local markets.”

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