Amica Sacco boss dreams big on the future


Apr 17, 2017

By Kage Njoroge.

James Kimani Mbui the Chief Executive Officer of Muranga-based Amica Sacco Ltd, formerly Murata Sacco is considered one of the captains in the Sacco industry with vast experience.
Considered one of the best performing Chief Executives, the 48-year- old Mbui begun his journey in the Sacco industry more than 26 years ago when he joined Stima Sacco as an Accountant. It is here where he cut his cloth and rose through the ranks to senior management level at the highly rated society.
He left Stima Sacco to become CEO of the then Murata Sacco Limited. It is here that Mbui became increasingly progressive, leading the rebranding of Murata Sacco to Amica Sacco and turning the then Sacco owned by farmers in Muranga into a Sh3 billion juggernaut.
Mbui has received admiration and applause from Amica Sacco members because he has resoundingly and consistently met their expectations.
As a result, Mbui has earned a spot on the list of the best-performing CEOs in Kenya’s vibrant Sacco industry. He has been at the head of the transformation strategy at the thriving Sacco movement.
Mbui is an MBA graduate from University of Nairobi, with a degree in Corporate Management from the UK. He also has leadership skills acquired from Strathmore University. Mbui has a strong background in marketing which has been an added advantage to him while at the helm of Amica Sacco.
Under his watch, Amica Sacco has increased the value of its total assets to Sh3 billion with plans to increase this to Sh30 billion by 2020.
Mbui said that Amica Sacco has begun plans to introduce more innovative financial products that will enable its members plan their incomes well as lead quality and better lives. The Society has lined up a bagful of unique products and extra ordinary services, hitherto not available in the market.
“We intend to train our members on how to invest in profitable ventures and using financial products that cater for their immediate and future needs including when they grow old,” said Mbui. He notes that members needs ranging from immediate, short and long term will be made available.
Amica Sacco is already rebranding its branches and training staff to embrace the new corporate culture, values and style of doing business. Any staff at these branches is to be a competent financial advisor when dealing with members.
The Sacco has embraced ICT and plans to roll out online banking and agency banking in order to cut down on physical branches.

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