County registers two coops

By Tsozungu Kombe

Lamu county government has registered two new cooperative societies to serve the transport and fishing industry.

Speaking to Sacco review in Lamu town recently, the County Cooperative Auditor, Nickson Baya said they have registered one Matatu Sacco and a Fishermen’s Sacco.

He however said Sacco business in the area was negatively impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country.

“Tourism industry sacco members in the area were affected because some have laid off due to lack of tourists in the beach hotels,” said Baya.

Many employees could also not get salaries to enable them to save in their respective Saccos.

Baya added that Sacco Annual General Meetings were notheld last year because of the spread of coronavirus.

He urged residents in the county to invest heavily in Saccos and get bigger loans for personal development.

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