Dhabiti Sacco provides exceptional services to members


Feb 14, 2017

By Titus Murithi
Dhabiti Sacco was
established in
1991 and was then
known as Meru North
Farmers Sacco. Its main
focus was to provide financial
services to members in
Maua town. The Sacco had
over 40,000 coffee farmers
from Nyambene region and
was formed after three coffee
Co-operative societies
Igembe, Tigania and Miathene
merged to form one
In this era, Kenya’s coffee
industry was facing turbulence.
The Management
of Meru North Farmers
Sacco decided to open the
common bond and allow
members from the Tea sector,
Civil servants and others
to join it.
In 2012, Meru North
Farmers Sacco rebranded
and changed its name to
Dhabiti Sacco. The idea behind
this was for the Sacco
to remain competitive and
fit well in the rapidly changing
financial market.
An entry fee of Sh 500
is required before one becomes
a member of Dhabiti
Sacco, have minimum
shares of Sh 1000 and
maintain an active account.
Dhabiti Sacco Society
Limited is duly registered
by the Sacco Societies
Regulatory Authority
and licensed to undertake
deposit-taking business as
well as give out loans to
“We offer products and
services to members in the
most efficient and effective
manner. As management,
we ensure that members
are served in the shortest
time possible and to their
satisfaction,” said Jacob
Karagwa, Accountant at
Dhabiti Sacco.
The Society also offers
Toto Dhabiti, a children’s
account that has no opening
balance. Children who
open tis account are offered
free school fees cheques
request, and high interest
rates on their savings as
well as a party at the end of
the year.

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