August 17, 2022

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Elgeyo Youth Bunge Sacco to increase investments


By Dennis Bett.

Elgeyo Marakwet Youth Bunge Sacco has embarked on a mission to invest in assets and business generating activities as a way of empowering the members.
Speaking recently in Iten Town during its Annual Delegates Meeting, the Society’s Chairman Nathan Tanui said that the society is heading in the right way and had its savings at Sh.1 million as compared to Sh 85,000 when it was established in 2012.
He said that so far they have already identified a plot to buy for its members for the purpose of building rentals houses to provide income.
He added that the Society has already rolled out a programme to run M-Pesa business on behalf of members. “The society is growing tremendously and we are now offering efficient services to members. Our M-Banking service has become more successful as our members can easily transact from the comfort of their mobile phones.
The Sacco is targeting a membership of 3,000 during the 2016/2017 Financial Year so as to ensure more youth are empowered.
Tanui said Bodaboda business has been doing well and there are plans to assist farmers to also access loans at affordable rates.