Fariji Sacco gives hope to Lari homes


Feb 11, 2017

By Munene Maina
Fariji Sacco has partnered with
Uplands Premier Dairy and
Foods Limited to assist every
household in Lari to own a dairy cow. It
is due to this initiative that over 12,000
members are now into dairy farming.
It has also been on a turnaround mode
over the past three years after putting in
place a new board of directors made up
of seasoned bankers, experienced business
people and renowned farmers, to
improve its financial performance.
According to Mr Peter Kamunya,
chairman of Fariji Sacco board of directors
who has been the main brain
behind the success at the Society, it is a
new dawn for Fariji as it strives to improve
service delivery to members.
In its new strategic plan, the Sacco
is seeking to eliminate all complaints
by offering quality services tailored to
members demands and needs. Fariji
Sacco has a diversified portfolio of products and services, has opened its
common bond and has won numerous
accolades as being the most improved
Sacco in Kiambu County.
“We aim to be the Sacco of Choice
and all strategies are in place to make
this happen. Watch this space,” said
Lydia Muthoni, Fariji Sacco’s Operations

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