Finance agencies asked to motivate coffee farmers for investments

A Matungulu Constituency doctor has asked banks and micro -finance institutions to come up with schemes to motivate coffee growers for investments in the region. 

Dr Philip Munyao, a consulting doctor, said financial institutions should train farmers on investment opportunities, saying that if there were regular fora organized by the banks, the interaction will encourage farmers to cultivate a saving tradition.

”Coffee farmers need motivation and training on what other crops can be intercropped  with coffee or planted as alternatives,” Dr Munyao  said at Nguluni during a meeting with farmers.

He also called on farmers to form common interest groups through which they can seek assistance from various development partners.

He urged farmers to form groups that will enable them to borrow loans from government in order to effectively engage in wealth creation.

He said the government has allocated funds through Women Enterprise Fund, Uwezo Fund and many others relevant to farmers and marginalized groups, though very few have taken up the opportunities to improve their livelihoods.

By Gastone Valusi

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