Fortune Sacco to invest more in ICT to boost service delivery


Jun 27, 2017

By Wesley Ondieki.

Fortune Sacco plans to go big on the ICT platform to enhance alternative banking channels mainly mobile and agency banking.
Addressing delegates during the Saccos 17th ADM held recently at Rosewam Hotel – Kerugoya, Fortune Sacco chairman, Wilfred Kibaki said that the move will enable the Sacco reach out to recruit more members and efficiently deliver existing products.
The society recently acquired a versatile mobile banking platform dubbed ‘M-banking’ that allows members to operate their accounts from the comfort of their phones.
“We are also paying special focus on sectors that are performing sub-optimally such as salaried employees and dairy. Soon we are launching new products that will acquire new membership from these sectors with the Civil Servants Check off facility set for launch in May this year,” he noted.

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