Gusii Mwalimu Sacco educates members


Apr 28, 2017

By Ben Oroko.

Gusii Mwalimu Sacco has embarked on a comprehensive economic empowerment campaign aimed at boosting its members’ financial goal identification and debt management.
The members were trained during the Sacco’s Education Day held recently to ensure they learn various issues affecting them in the fast changing Co-operative movement.
Speaking to Sacco Review in his office, the Sacco’s Chief Executive Officer, Charles Omwansa said education and training for members continued to be a central principle guiding the Sacco’s mission and vision.
He hopes that the members will embrace it to gain exposure on setting financial goals and handling personal debt
“The future growth of the Kenyan economy will require a well-educated and financially informed population,” said Omwansa.
He said through education and training for members, the management ensures members are empowered with knowledge, skills and confidence to participate in the governance of their Sacco.
“It is critical for the Sacco management to commit enough financial resources to ensure members are periodically trained,” he added.
The training is an annual event in the Society’s calendar.
He singled out personal finance management as one of the areas members were trained on during the event, since it was core to the Sacco’s success and growth in terms of business and membership.

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