Kenya to assist Namibia develop its Co-op sector


May 25, 2017

By Stephen Makabila.
Kenya is to help the Namibian Government strengthen its Co-operative Movement through offering of special expertise.
Kenya’s Principal Secretary for the State Department of Cooperatives, Ali Noor Ismail said Kenyan consultants would help develop Namibia’s Co-operative sector.
A team of Co-operative officials from Namibia was in the country in February on a fact finding mission ahead of the Kenyan consultants flying out to set base in the South-West African country.
“A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has already been signed with Namibia and implementation of the programme is already in progress,” the PS told the Sacco-Review in an interview.
The Namibian Government has lately put much focus on Co-operatives as the vehicle for social-economic development.
The PS said apart from Namibia, Kenya was also assisting Botswana to develop its Co-operative sector.


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