Kihika pledges Ksh.1 billion annually to local Cooperatives

By Peter Otuoro

Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika has said Cooperative societies in Nakuru County will get Ksh1 billion every year to boost their economic activities.

Speaking at Nakuru ASK Showground during her inauguration as new county boss, she said her government will support all Cooperative societies within Nakuru and ensure they actively contribute to the economic growth of the county.

“We as a county government recognize the role of Cooperative societies in the county. We will give them funds to resurrect all operations of active, dormant and new Societies in the county to ensure they all contribute to the growth of the economic activities of Nakuru County,” said Kihika.

The governor said that agricultural Cooperatives, when funded, will employ thousands of residents to ensure they have money in their pockets.

“We will support agricultural Cooperatives to ensure they become more active in their operations,” she guaranteed.

She promised to construct all roads that lead to farming and agricultural factories to ensure goods are transported to the market in time.

“The backbone of our economy is agriculture and it is only through supporting Cooperative societies that we will increase the productivity of our agricultural commodities,” said observed.

Kihika said the reason she will allocate Ksh.1 billion each year to Cooperatives is to mainly boost the agricultural sector.

She urged residents to join Societies and benefit from the fund that the county government will give.

She also said all local factories will be provided with adequate water to facilitate their operations.

“Most of our factories have failed to operate because of lack of adequate water to facilitate their operations. We will ensure they all get enough water through the water department,” said Mrs. Kihika.

The governor said her government will also supply clean water to all urban centres, towns and trading centres, and homes of residents in the 55 Wards.

To this end, she said Itare and Malewa dams will be constructed to boost water accessibility.

“Malewa Dam will provide water to residents of Naivasha and Gilgil, while Chemasusu Dam will provide water to residents of Kuresoi North, Kuresoi South, Molo and Njoro sub-counties,” she projected.

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