Kirinyaga farmers: Stop sale of counterfeit agrochemicals


Feb 3, 2017

By Kamundia  Muriithi
Farmers in the County have called for Government intervention to stop the sale of counterfeit agrochemicals and farm inputs in the region.
The more than 3,000 farmers attending an exhibition at Kianyambo Primary School complained they had unknowingly purchased counterfeit chemicals, seeds and fertilizers which led to huge losses.
Led by Ngiriambu Farmers Cooperative Society Chairman, Fredrick Fundi, they said a ban on horticultural produce by the export market arose because of the chemicals used in spraying their crops.
Two years ago, the European Union banned the export of French beans from Kirinyaga County on claims it contained high levels of banned agro-chemicals believed to cause cancer
Fundi said the counterfeit inputs were being sold in licensed shops and farmers could not tell them apart from the genuine ones.
“Farmers are ready to work with the Government and agrochemical firms to weed out counterfeit farm inputs. We want the agrochemicals manufacturers to advise farmers on genuine inputs and the proper spraying regimen,” said Fundi who is also the County Deputy chair of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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