Konoin Sacco rebrands to K-Pillar


Feb 17, 2017

Konoin Sacco, which has its head offices
at Mogogosiek Trading Centre, Bomet
County has rebranded to K-Pillar Sacco
with its sights set on recruiting more members
and expanding its network.
The Sacco’s delegates have already endorsed
this process, ahead of the official launch
to be undertaken next year. This rebranding
process will enable K-Pillar Sacco to keep
abreast with rapid changes taking place in the
financial sector.
“We are changing the way we do business.
This is a new beginning that brings good
tidings to members, Bomet residents and Kenyans.
We aspire to be counted among the best
Saccos in Kenya,” said Mr. Jackson Langat,
Chairman of K-Pillar Sacco.
K-Pillar Sacco received a new certificate after
it changed its name, from Daisy Bii, Bomet
County Director for Co-operatives, who urged
the Sacco’s leadership to ensure the Society remains
a pillar of strength for members.
Figures indicate that K-Pillar Sacco recorded
improved performance a surplus of Sh
9 million, a 10 per cent increase from the previous
year. We are expecting to record a surplus
of Sh 12 million by the end of this year,” said
Beatrice Soi, K-Pillar Sacco CEO. The Sacco
has so far disbursed over 50 million in loans
to members and Sh 700 million in bonuses to
tea farmers. Membership of K-Pillar Sacco has
grown from 500 in 2004 to more than 28,000
at the moment

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  1. Thanks for being cooperative to customers but tho only problem with you is mobile banking _so stressful. Is the problem With your serves or what?

  2. Your mobile banking is the worst ever,it has cut my money,very slow and inneficient,I wud advice others against tiz

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