NCCK trains transport sector Sacco leaders on peace

By Peter Otuoro

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), has trained transport sector Sacco leaders in Nakuru County on the importance of peace and cohesion.

NCCK South Rift Acting Regional Manager David Njuguna said it is only through peace that all transport sector Saccos can operate successfully and yield good returns.

Nakuru County Director, Elistus Mbui adressing Nakuru Transport sector sacco leaders on importance of peace in one of the hotels in Nakuru City.

Addressing matatu and bodaboda Sacco leaders during a one-day peace workshop in Jumuia Hotel in Nakuru City, Njuguna said as NCCK, they want the ongoing political campaigns to be conducted peacefully so as not to disrupt the sector activities because of its immense contribution to the South Rift economy.

“Thousands of Kenyan youths are members of transport sector Saccos and thus to train their leaders on importance of peace and cohesion in the South Rift region will make them peace ambassadors who will  contribute to the growth of Sacco activities,” said Njuguna.

He warned them against being used by politicians but encouraged constructive engagements that can improve the Sacco economy.

“Draft good proposals, submit to your leaders and ensure they implement when they enter state offices so that you can have a gain-gain relationship with them,” said Njuguna.

Njuguna, who was flanked by Nakuru County Director Elistus Mbiu, told transport Sacco leaders to live peacefully and work with all communities as brother and sisters.

On his part, Nakuru County Commissioner Erustus Mbui told transport Saccos to adhere to government rules and regulation governing Saccos in Kenya.

“All transport sector Sacco leaders should ensure they strictly operate within the laws that govern their Saccos,”said Mbui.

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