Ng’arisha Sacco extends grace period for loan repayment

Ng'arisha Sacco

Ng’arisha Sacco has reiterated its commitment to cushion its members from the harsh economic times in the country.

Speaking while addressing the press at a Members’ Education forum at Posta Grounds in Bungoma town, Chairman Benedict Simiyu noted that they have extended the grace period for loan repayment to upto 12 months to ease the financial burden on members.

Simiyu said that they understand that their members are grappling with financial constraints hence the need to help them stay afloat; in addition to hosting such events where members are educated on savings mobilization, financial planning and management.

He urged residents to join the Sacco in order to cultivate a saving culture and also attain financial freedom.

“Ng’arisha Sacco is not for teachers only. We welcome the mama mbogas and other casual labourers to join us to access loans at subsidized interest rates and later invest in sectors such as real estate and agribusiness,” he said.

Simiyu noted that the Sacco currently boasts of more than 20,000 members, most of whom are teachers.

By Achola Bulimo Mathews

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